مقالات Pubmed

مقالات Pubmed

۲۰-Effects of Tongue Thrust swallowing on Position of Anterior Teeth.

۲۱-Tensile Properties of Orthodontic Elastomeric Ligatures.

۲۲-Clinical evaluation of bonded amalgam restorations in endodontically treated premolar teeth: a one-year evaluation.

۲۳-Effects of a simulated oral environment and sterilization on load-deflection properties of superelastic nickel titanium-based orthodontic wires.

۲۴-Early versus delayed rebonding of orthodontic brackets.

۲۵-Nonsurgical treatment of maxillary deficiency using tongue guard appliance: a case report.

۲۶-A comparative evaluation of DIAGNOdent and caries detector dye in detection of residual caries in prepared cavities.

۲۷-Enamel resistance to demineralization following Er:YAG laser etching for bonding orthodontic brackets.

۲۸-Evaluation of tooth size in patients with congenitally missing teeth.

۲۹-Enamel surface roughness after debonding of orthodontic brackets and various clean-up techniques.

۳۰-The effect of different surface treatments of demineralised enamel on microleakage under metal orthodontic brackets.

۳۱-DNA damage in oral mucosal cells of patients with fixed orthodontic appliances.

۳۲-In vitro cytotoxicity assessment of an orthodontic composite containing titanium-dioxide nanoparticles.

۳۳-Nickel ion release from three types of nickel-titanium-based orthodontic archwires in the as-received state and after oral simulation.

۳۴-Microleakage and shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets bonded to hypomineralized enamel following different surface preparations.

۳۵-Comparative evaluation of the effect of Er:YAG laser and low level laser irradiation combined with CPP-ACPF cream on treatment of enamel caries.

۳۶-The effect of low level laser irradiation on the rate of tooth movement and pain perception during canine retraction.

۳۷-Removal of refractory erosive-atrophic lichen planus by the CO2 laser.

۳۸-The effect of surface treatment with Er:YAG laser on shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets to fiber-reinforced composite.

۳۹-Evaluation of the cytotoxicity of fiber reinforced composite bonded retainers and flexible spiral wires retainers in simulated high and low cariogenic environments.

۴۰-The antimicrobial sensitivity of Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sangius to colloidal solutions of different nanoparticles applied as mouthwashes.

۴۱-Microhardness of demineralized enamel following home bleaching and laser-assisted in office bleaching.

۴۲-The staining effect of different mouthwashes containing nanoparticles on dental enamel.

۴۳-Which factors affect dental esthetics and smile attractiveness in orthodontically treated patients?

۴۴-The efficacy of laser-assisted in-office bleaching and home bleaching on sound and demineralized enamel.

۴۵-The effect of low-level helium-neon laser on oral wound healing.

۴۶-Structural and morphological changes in human dentin after ablative and subablative Er:YAG laser irradiation.

۴۷-Effect of different surface treatments and thermocycling on bond strength of a silicone-based liner to a denture base resin.

۴۸-A randomized clinical trial comparing the efficacy of bite wafers and low level laser therapy in orthodontic pain reduction.

۴۹-The effect of low level laser therapy on direct pulp capping in dogs.

۵۰-Surface treatment with a fractional CO2 laser enhances shear bond strength of resin cement to zirconia.

۵۱-Effectiveness of sodium bicarbonate combined with hydrogen peroxide and CPP-ACPF in whitening and microhardness of enamel.

۵۲-The effects of three remineralizing agents on regression of white spot lesions in children.